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Within the Drawing Elements category under the Start tab, you can find the element Pie.

In contrast to an Arc, a Pie or circular sector refers to a drawing element in which the curve is connected to the center of the circle via lines, similar to a pie chart.  

A Pie is drawn as follows:


1.Left click to set the middle point of the sector.

2.Drag the mouse to draw the radius of the circular form or enter a specific value using your keyboard.

3.Lastly, set the angle to determine the span of the circular sector. This can be done using the keyboard or by dragging the arc with the cursor and clicking to complete the form.

The following table shows the properties of a Pie that can be adjusted:

Arc Properties

Edited by means of

Position (Shift)

Object Interactor, Center Point Interactor on the Object


Interactors on the object

Curvature of the lines to the center

Interactors in the middle of the lines

Delete individual lines or the arc span

Interactors on the object


Properties Editor


Properties Editor

Line Type

Properties Editor

Line Width

Properties Editor

Line Type Factor

Properties Editor


Properties Editor


Properties Editor