Program help

Properties Editor: Position

A selected object is alternatively moved by means of the Transformation area in the Properties Editor. The Position area enables you to move objects with respect to the three axes of the coordinate system.  

1.Select the element (or multiple elements) that you want to move.

2.Switch to the Common tab of the Properties Editor.

3.In the Position area, enter the new values for the position in relation to the coordinate system. Input is possible for X, Y and Z axis.

4.Confirm the new values with ENTER. Alternatively, press the TAB key. In this way, the value is confirmed and your cursor jumps to the following input field at the same time.

The Position option is available for every element in your drawing.

It is possible to move several objects at once by multiselection.

Note: When using the Position option, elements are moved not in relation to each other, but in relation to the coordinate system. As an example: Two selected objects are to be moved on the X axis. One of the objects is located 2m away from the coordinate origin, the other 5m. If you now enter 10m as the X value in the property editor, both elements will be moved to a distance of 10m from the coordinate origin.