At present we do not offer a version of pCon.planner for Mac OS.

However, this can be circumvented by using a Windows virtualization (Parallels, VMWare, Virtualbox etc.) or BootCamp.

Please consider the following: The mentioned systems differ in one important point.
VMWare and Parallels Desktop run in MacOS, so a new (virtual) system is started in the running system.
BootCamp on the other hand installs a Microsoft Windows 10 on the Mac. Afterwards the user can switch between MacOS and Windows when starting the Mac.

When using BootCamp, Apple systems can run MS Windows at full performance. Thus, the pCon.planner theoretically runs optimally on this hardware. In this respect, BootCamp would actually be the technically better option – but is unfortunately not officially supported by the license protection service we use for pCon.planner PRO. In general, please note that the license protection for our paid PRO version is only available for virtual environments to a limited extent.

EasternGraphics regrets that for the reasons mentioned above, no support can be given in connection with the virtualization of Windows or the use of BootCamp. You are welcome to use pCon.planner versions in such scenarios, but without any guarantee from the developer.

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