Program help

Dimension Styles

The Dimension Styles dialog, opened by clicking on the button of the same name in the Dimension group, Edit tab, offers the possibility of customizing the appearance of the dimension markings in the plan and all future dimensions using the edited stile.

The dialog will always make three styles available (Standard, X3G_DEFAULT_DIM_STYLE and X3G_LAYOUT_DIM_STYLE), whatever DWG file has been loaded. If you open a file which uses a different style, this will be automatically shown in the dialog and can be changed as necessary.


The Dialog Permits Styles:

to have their properties edited

to be newly created

to be removed

to be set as default

Setting Dimension Styles

In the Dimension Styles drop-down menu, you can see all of the styles that apply to the currently opened plan. Left clicking on a style will make it the default: All of the subsequent dimensions will then have this style.

Dimensions that have already been set within the plan can be changed using the Properties Editor. To do so, choose the dimensions using (multi) selection.

Importing Dimension Styles

You can easily transfer your Dimension Styles to other plans. Click on the Import button in the Dimension Styles dialog and select a DWG from your file system. All styles included in this DWG will then be inserted into your current plan and can be used for further planning.

The dimension style is selected separately in the design and layout areas. With this, for example, size ratios can be adjusted to the scale of the layout page.