Program help

Setting Up a Page

When you switch to the Layout area, there will be one Layout page set up already. You can open more pages. The option for doing this is found on the tab at the lower edge of the Layout area. If more than one Layout page has been set up, you can switch between the tabs. To delete a page, simply use the Close tab option.


Click on the area marked red creates new Layout page

Click on the green cross deletes current Layout page  

The Page group on the Layout tab includes functions that will import layouts and templates and duplicate the current page.



Import other layouts (DWG) and templates (DWT)


Duplicate current page


The options arrow (Page group, Layout register, circled in red in the picture above) will take you to the Layout Settings.

The Line width factor is multiplied by the set line width for lines, edges, drawing elements and hatches. Differences in the line widths remain.

Value 1 = Line width from view

Value > 1 = Thicker lines

Value < 1 = Thinner lines

Use Fixed line width determines a uniform width in millimeters for all lines, edges, drawing elements and hatches in the viewport.


The dialog also offers options for setting the Image Resolution and the print Quality to take effect for images inserted and for views which do not use the Wireframe mode.


The Properties Editor, activated via the F12 key or by clicking the Properties button (Toolbar), is where the features of a page are set:


Media Type


Paper Width and Height

Margins (Left, Right, Top and Bottom)