Program help

Modifying Article Properties (pCon.planner PRO)

After an article has been opened, its properties can be changed in the Properties Editor. Depending on the type of article, the values can be entered (for height or width, for instance) or can be selected from a list of prescribed values.


You can use the Properties editor to provide a link to an external product page.

It should be noted that you can store separate links for the article in its opened and its unopened state. If two links are stored, the one entered for the opened article will have priority and will be used when a Multi Content Picture is generated.

In the case of materials there is not only the option of selecting them from the list but also showing them separately in the Properties Editor. Simply click on the material preview area.

In this way, it is possible for example to modify a tabletop by clicking the area which has been framed in red in the screenshot below. The materials view will then open (see right-hand part of illustration). You can then select any material by clicking on it and will then be returned automatically to the normal view of the Properties Editor.

If you want to close the materials view without making a selection, simply click on the green checkmark (circled in red in the screenshot below).


Accessing Article Information

The Article Info button on the Articles tab, Article Tools group, allows you to display various items of information about the active article. Depending on the manufacturer, there can be a wide variety of detail, such as manufacturer’s name, name of article and price.