Program help


Using Orbit, you can swing round any set point in your design with a movement of the mouse. Obviously, this is only possible in the Perspective and Orthographic view or in a projection you have designed yourself.


To navigate using Orbit, you can either click on the corresponding icon in the Navigation menu within the Viewport control area or use the scroll wheel on your mouse. By pressing the mouse button or scroll wheel and holding it down you fix the point in the design to swing around. When you do this, the mouse cursor will change appearance (see image on left) in the current viewport. Now by moving the mouse you swing round the set point.

It is also possible to use the center mouse button as an alternative to the scroll wheel. If you do not have a center mouse button or scroll wheel, activate Orbit by first pressing the right button down and holding it and then by pressing and holding the left button while continuously pressing the right mouse button.