Program help

Viewport control





In every viewport you will find a number of drop down menus to control the content of the viewport on the top edge at the left.

The viewport control area provides all the functions you require to set the projection and rendering in the particular viewport and to navigate around the design. The menus can be opened by clicking on the corresponding icon (see below).


Clicking on the Projection-area in the upper left corner opens a menu with the means of setting perspective, orthographic, isometric or 2D views for your viewport. It is also possible to access customised cameras from this icon. Click here for further information.



On the Rendering tab there is a choice between the following modes: Wireframe, Hidden Line, Colored, Concept, Shaded, Realistic. Besides these modes it is possible for you to assign a customised Render Style to the viewport.

There is further information in the sections on rendering and render styles.



The Navigation drop down menu is where you can access all the navigation modes for pCon.planner: Zoom, Pan, Orbit, Look around, Walk.

The tools available vary according to the Projection selected. Both the simple 2D Projections and the Isometric Projection offer Pan and Zoom. In Orthographic projection you can also use Orbit and in Perspective projection there are Look around and Walk in addition.

Clicking on the corresponding icon activates the navigation mode. A further click on the same icon or pressing Esc closes navigation. There is more information on navigation here.