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Augmented Reality (AR)

The AR feature (short for Augmented Reality) is started with a click on the icon acARExport in the Presentation tab, Share group. With this feature you can export your planning into the export formats for Augumented Reality to transfer the export files to your smartphone. AR files in EasternGraphics' own IAR format are suitable for Android as well as iOS devices. AR files can also be sent or linked in a presentation.

Note: Your mobile device must be AR capable and on Android you may need to install an AR viewer app.

Overview of AR-enabled Android devices:

Overview of AR-enabled iOS devices: (scroll to end of the page)

Note: On our Youtube channel you will find a video on this topic



You can immediately understand and interact with products when they appear life-size in your own environment. Engage your customers by exporting models directly from pCon.planner into AR and make them playful to experience!


Planning in pCon.planner

Export file opened in AR

AR files are shared via impress. To upload the files, you need a connection to a cloud storage. For more information on this, see chapter Sharing.

For the AR export, proceed as follows:

1.In your drawing, select the objects that you want to present in AR.

2.Switch to the Presentation tab.

3.Click on the icon acARExport.

4.In the drop-down menu, select a way to share the file:

Share AR: Opens Share dialog. Creates IAR file.

Export AR for Impress: Save an IAR file locally to open it later in impress. AR content cannot be viewed directly in impress. Opening the file in impress displays a dialog box with sharable link as well as QR code for sharing the file.

Export for iOS: creates USDZ file.

Export for Android: creates GLB file.

Note: Please bear in mind that the purpose of the AR export is to present single objects. Exporting complete drawings will result in very large file sizes and performance issues.