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Augmented Reality (AR)

The AR feature (short for Augmented Reality) is started with a click on the icon acARExport in the Presentation tab, Share group. With this feature you can export your planning into the export formats for Augumented Reality to transfer the export files to your smartphone. AR files can also be sent or linked in a presentation. 

Note: Your mobile device must be AR capable and on Android you may need to install an AR viewer app.

Overview of AR-enabled Android devices:

Overview of AR-enabled iOS devices: (scroll to end of the page)


Planning in pCon.planner

Export file opened in AR

For the AR export, proceed as follows:

1.Switch to the Presentation tab.

2.Click on the icon acARExport to open the export selection.

3.Select an export format: You can choose between Export for Anroid and Export for iOS.

4.In the dialog that opens, set your export properties, such as the desired scaling.

The file is now saved on your local hard disk. You can transfer it to your mobile device via e-mail or using a cloud service. You can find instructions on how to use the AR files on Android here.