Program help


On the right side of the ribbon you will find the Share button. It provides direct access to the functions for sharing

3D models as well as

Augmented reality files.

The features for sharing 3D models and AR files are additionally available on the Presentation tab.


This is how to share your content:

1.Select the objects to be shared in your drawing. It is also possible to export a complete plan. Please note that this will result in very large export files.

2.Click the Share button acShare and select Share 3D or Share AR from the drop-down menu.

3.For both export variants, a Share dialog opens. It contains a QR code and a shareable link that you can use for presentation purposes or in order to share your content.


Copy or Save QR Code


To share the QR code from the Share dialog, copy or save it. You can access the Save QR code or Copy QR code options via the Copy menu in the Share dialog.

In addition, these functions are available in the context menu (right-click on the QR code in the dialog).