Program help


Radiators can be found in the Installation category.

Creating a Radiator

1.Change over to the Room Elements group, Start tab, and open Installation by clicking on the downward pointing arrow.

2.Now click on Radiator.

3.Go into the viewport and click to establish the start point for the radiator.

4.Now set the angle and length either by moving the mouse or entering the figures on the keyboard.

5.The radiator will be fixed if you click the mouse again or use Enter to confirm the values typed in.

Editing a Radiator

It is possible to edit the properties of a radiator: to do this it must first be selected.


Radiator properties


Can be edited by means of


Height of the radiator without regard for the mounting height. Maximum height is 5 m

Dimension figure on the object, Properties Editor, Interactor


Length or breadth of radiator, max 5 m

Dimension figure on the object, Properties Editor, Interactors


Depth of radiator, max 0.5 m

Properties Editor

Mounting Height

This is the distance between the lower edge of the radiator and the floor

Properties Editor


This decides whether and Thermostat is used and where it is positioned

Properties Editor


The options are classic, plain or bathroom heater

Properties Editor


It is possible to give a Name to any radiator

Properties Editor