Program help


The Properties Editor, found by clicking the button of the same name on the Toolbar, provides information on a number of object properties and the possibility to edit them in the dialog. The object must be selected in the plan in order to show its' corresponding features in the Properties Editor.


1 Article Tree

The article tree is available for complex configurations. It provides an overview of all sub-articles of the selected object.

2 Menu


Via the menu you define the view mode for the properties in the Properties Editor:

Structured View

List View

Depending on the selected view mode, there are further options available in the menu:

Custom Configuration

Properties transfer (List View)

Copy properties (List View)

Options for detailed display of article properties (price, article text, article number, key...)

3 Object Properties

Properties of the selected object are displayed here. Articles with commercial information can be configured via this part of the Properties Editor.

The display of the properties depends on the selected view mode.

Structured View

List View



Properties of selected objects are displayed in separate tabs; more structure when multiple objects are selected

Transformation area

Highlighting in the work area visualize to which value the transformation of properties is referring

Input fields are always active

Multiline texts can be edited directly in the Properties Editor

Properties of selected objects are displayed as list

Transformation area

Properties container for transfer of properties between objects


4 Transformation

By means of the Transformation area you change




of your selected objects. Transformation is available in the Structured View as well as the List View of the Properties Editor.


Transformations can be applied to all of your selected objects.

Depending on the type of element selected, some of the input fields in the Transformation area are grayed out because these specific operations are not available for the respective object. Multi selection is available. This makes it possible, for example, to alter the positions of multiple selected objects at once.

Applying Transformations to Objects

1.Select the object you want to transform. In order to transform or move several objects at once, use multi selection.

2.Enter the new values to the respective input fields of the Properties Editor.

3.Press ENTER to adopt the new value. Alternatively, press the TABULATOR key. This way, your value is adopted while the cursor moves to the following input field.



5 Properties Container with Settings

The Properties Container is available in the List View. Properties can be saved and assigned to another object via the Properties Container.

Learn more about working with the properties container here.