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Dimensioning as Oriented

Rotated Dimensioning

Wall Dimensioning

Angle Dimensioning

Circular Dimensioning


Dimension Styles

Tape Measure

For dimensioning or actually measuring objects, there are a number of options available. All the relevant functions are to be found in the Dimensioning group on the Edit tab. Clicking on the arrow next to the Dimensioning button within the group will open a drop down menu with the additional items.

You can dimension within the planning area and the layout area.

Changes to Dimensioning

Using the object interactors, you can change:

The dimensioned distance
The distance between object and dimension line
Position of the measurements
Alignment of the measurements

This is how to change a dimension:

1.Select the dimensioning to be changed.
2.Click on the edit symbol pCon.planner_Dimensioning_04 (shown in the left-hand image below). Three green dots will appear as shown in the right-hand image. These can be clicked to alter the dimensioning as oriented.




With the help of the Properties Editor, you can change, among others, aspect such as:

Measurement color
Dimension style
Settings for guides and dimension lines
Settings for arrowheads
Dimension text
Dimension unit
Position of the measurements
Alignment of the measurements