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Ambient Light


The dialog Environment can be found under the View tab in the group Render.

With this dialog, you can control the ambience of your drawing: Background and global lighting.

The settings from this dialog will be shown in real time and automatically saved with the drawing file.

The Set as Default button will save the settings from this dialog as default settings for new plans.



This is where you set a background color or select a skybox for your planning.

Assign a background color for the 2D displays as well as the orthographic and isometric projections.

The Skybox is visible in all Render Modes. It is displayed in perspective and orthographic projections.





The background will be shown as the color set above.


The Default Background (slightly cloudy sky) will be used.


A user-defined background will be used.

Click on the 3 dots on the right side (see image below). Then, select a background from your local file system.


User-defined Background

For a custom background, load a spherical panorama with an aspect ratio of 1:2 into your plan. Please ensure that the resolution of the panoramic image is as high-quality as possible.

For the user-defined background, provide the following settings:

Rotation – Set the horizontal orientation of the panoramic background
Opening Angle – Set the height for the section of the image that you would like to see in the background. A smaller opening angle makes the background appear visually closer. A larger opening angle makes it appear more distant.

Note: Your background settings will automatically be used for rendering with OSPRay.

Ambient Light

Ambient Light evenly illuminates your plan. It has a positive effect on the quality of your renderings.

In real time view, Ambient Light operates in both the Shaded and Realistic render modes. It is also active in render styles that are based on these two render modes. In the illustration, you can see a scene set using the render mode Realistic.




Enables pCon.planner’s default ambient lighting.


A user-defined image will be used for the lighting. The specific light color and mood will be used for the plan.

Click on the three dots to the right (see image below). Then, select a background image from your local file system.

We highly recommend using an HDRI image (High Dynamic Range Image) for the light source. Best would be a spherical panorama with an aspect ratio of 1:2. It is possible, however, to use other images.


If needed, you can set the Rotation and Intensity of the Ambient Light.

Your settings for Ambient Light will automatically be used for rendering with OSPRay.

Note: For plans with reflective surfaces, we recommend also using the HDRI light source as a background. This allows you to match between background scenes and reflections.


Images as Lighting Environments: Left side sunset, intensity 60%; Right side daylight, intensity: 100%


In addition to the Ambient Light, you can add sunlight if necessary. This is a light from a certain direction, which simulates the light and shadow conditions on a sunny day.

As sunlight, insert a Directional Light (Start tab, group Room Elements). Align this in your planning as desired.

Activate the Realtime Shadows option in the Properties Editor for the directional light source.