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Photorealistic Images

Advanced Settings for Image Rendering with OSPRay

Advanced Settings for Image Rendering with Yafaray

Besides creating real-time displays, it is possible to create pictures resembling real photographs – called renderings. For the renderings, all visible objects in the current projection will be included in the computation for the image. The only exceptions are the symbols representing Cameras and Lighting.


1.Please start the Image dialog by clicking the Image button in the Create group, Presentation tab.
2.Under Type, select the Type of Image you would like to create.
3.Set the resolution using the Size drop-down menu. By choosing the User Defined item, you can set your own resolution.
4.Select OSPRay or Yafaray from the Renderer selection box.
5.If you click on the pencil icon you will obtain access to enhanced rendering options, which are described in detail in the tables on Yafaray and OSPRay.
6.Now click on the Start button to start the rendering process. This will take a varying amount of time depending which profile has been selected or setting made.

The image is displayed in the Image window. Here you can enter whether you want to save your image (use the Save As button) or copy it into the clipboard (use Copy Image). There is also the possibility of inserting and positioning a Logo in the image. More on this is to be found here. During the render process, a Stop button will be visible on the left side of the Image window. By means of Stop, you can cancel image computation at any point you want.