Program help


On the ribbon, on the View tab, there are the functions for controlling the display in the viewports and the view on the design.



In the Render group on the View tab you can select from a variety of render modes for whichever viewport is currently active, a function which for example enables you to render the design in Wireframe Mode or a realistic form.


On this tab, there is also the Render Styles dialog available. This can be found not only in the Render group, but also on the Toolbar. Render Styles are styles you can customize for yourself, save and apply to later designs.


The dialog Environment includes settings for the Skybox (the Background and Background Image) as well as Ambient Light.


Open the extended Render Settings. These include settings such as Face Smoothing, Edge Reduction and Render Quality.


In the Camera group you can use the Camera button to set up your own viewing angle for the design you are making.

The arrow below the Camera icon will open a list of your own cameras. Simply click on one to navigate to the appropriate viewing angle.


There are various zoom options behind the Zoom button and its drop-down menu, which, for example, enable you to zoom into a selection in your design.


The right-hand area of the Camera group offers predefined projections to enable you to focus on objects in the design.