Program help

Object Zoom

If you wish to zoom in on one or more particular objects in your drawing, pCon.planner has provided you with a number of predefined perspectives. These object-related views, as they are called, make it possible to see the object from various angles.


These object views are in the Camera group, View tab. The screenshot on the left shows the Camera angles available for viewing either an object or a group of objects.


Zoom North-West


Zoom Left


Zoom South-West


Zoom Back


Zoom Top


Zoom Front


Zoom North-East


Zoom Right


Zoom South-East

To use a particular object view, first select one or more objects in your drawing. Click the mouse to select one of the views. The selected object(s) will then be shown from the Camera angle you have chosen. The selection will then be shown from the chosen angle. The projection which is used automatically is Orthographic . It should be noted that if the projection has been set in advance to Perspective, this will be preserved during and after the zoom.

Alternatively, you can click on the small arrow close to the Zoom icon in order to open the relevant menu. All the available views are also listed in this menu and can be selected here.

In addition, it is possible to zoom onto a selected object or group of objects while still maintaining the projection within the drawing. To do this, use the Zoom Selection function in the Zoom menu. This can also be accessed by pressing Shift + Space in combination.