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Within the Drawing Elements category under the Start tab, you can find the 2D element Polyline. The drawing of multiple connected lines, better known as polylines, is explained here.

Draw several new lines at the end of the existing Polyline and they will directly connect to the line. Drag the endpoint of an existing Polyline to the end of a second and the elements will automatically be combined into one element.



Note: To avoid the combination of two lines into one line, you can use Enable Join/Disable Join found in the Context Menu. This setting is enabled by default.

1.Start drawing another line. During the drawing process, right click with the mouse.

2.Click on Disable Join.

As a result, you will have two separate lines.


By default, the automatic connecting of lines is enabled for the drawing of lines as well as for moving lines at a common endpoint. You can disable this default setting under the Edit tab of the Program Settings. Here you can uncheck Automatically connect snapped lines.

The following tables shows the properties of a Polyline that can be adjusted:

Polyline Properties

Edited by means of

Location (Shift)

Object Interactor

Insertion Point

Interactors on the object

Curve Lines

Interactors on the object

Round Corners

Interactors on the object

Move Corners

Interactors on the object

Delete Lines

Interactors on the object


Properties Editor

Line Type

Properties Editor

Line Scaling

Properties Editor

Line Weight

Properties Editor


Properties Editor


Properties Editor