Program help


There are two ways of rotating objects: using the Rotation tool or the object interactor.

Rotation Tool


First select the object to be rotated and then activate the rotation tool with the Rotate button in the Tools group, Edit tab.

1.To activate the rotation tool, put the cursor onto whatever point you wish in the design or on the object by clicking there. This point has been labelled “Start of the rotation tool” in the image.  

2.Move the cursor and set the start of the rotation by clicking a second time.

3.Now rotate the object by the desired angle and fix it by clicking the left mouse button again. Alternatively, enter the figures for the angle with the keyboard and confirm with the Enter key.

Object Interactor

Just as for moving objects, the object interactor can be used for rotating them, whether it is in its default orientation or has been itself rotated.

Interactor in Default Orientation

Ensure that the object interactor is active and then select the object to be rotated.

1.Click on one of the green arcs to start the process of rotation. Which arc is selected will decide where the rotation starts.

2.Now move the mouse to turn the object through a certain angle: this can also be entered as figures on the keyboard (see bottom-right image).

3.Another mouse click or pressing the Enter key completes the rotation and fixes the object in its new orientation.



Rotating the Object Interactor

One use of the fact that it is possible to rotate the object interactor is when you are working in a rotated coordinate system and wish to rotate elements within it. The lower left picture shows a rectangle which is within a rotated UCS. The object interactor is still in default orientation when the object is marked. If you now wish to rotate the object and maintain the relation to the UCS, it makes sense to orient the interactor itself into the right direction beforehand. To do this, click on one of the green arcs and hold down the mouse button briefly. The interactor can now be rotated by moving the mouse and Axis Snap can be used to orient it exactly to the UCS orientation. Clicking again will fix the interactor in its new position (see image on right).