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What should I consider when disabling High Quality Printing?

16.06.2017 | Print - Render quality | 0 Comments |
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When printing view ports in the Layout area and in Print Preview, the High Quality Printing option is enabled by default. A mixed process is used for printing: visible lines, edges, dots, hatching and fonts are based on vectors. With vector printing, these elements remain sharp, even when greatly enlarged. Colors and textures are printed as images.


Why are images or textures blurred or pixelated?

26.08.2016 | Miscellaneous - pCon.planner - Planning - Render quality | 0 Comments |
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You inserted a floor plan as an image and it appears blurred or pixelated.

pCon.planner will display images and textures up to a maximum resolution of 2048×2048 pixels in good quality. If you insert an image larger than this, the program will undercalculate the resolution and the image may no longer appear clear. The display depends on the content of the image. Fine lines, for example, are more affected than colored areas. Floor plans, in particular, should therefore be imported in a suitable resolution. This restriction works to keep the size of the plan low, saving both internal and graphics memory.