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How do I work with Renderer Profiles?

26.08.2016 | Animation - Image calculation - pCon.planner | 0 Comments |

When you render images or videos in pCon.planner, you can choose from various default settings called Renderer Profiles.


Why don’t I see my desired image after rendering?

22.08.2016 | Animation - Image calculation - pCon.planner - Render issues | 0 Comments |
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You generate an Image or a Video. The media output dialog opens and you do not see your desired image. Instead, you see a single-colored area or a completely different picture.

When needed, pCon.planner provides the opportunity to add a company logo or other graphics to your images and videos. In the described situation, it is possible the function Show Logo is enabled. If the Size of the logo is still set at 100% (or bigger) and Transparent is disabled, the logo will be placed on top of your image.


Can animations be computed into compressed video files with pCon.planner?

04.03.2015 | Animation | 0 Comments |
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With pCon.planner, animations can be created and converted into videos. When saving the Animation as a Video (*.avi file) you have the option of selecting a compression method in order to keep the video’s file size down. However, compression methods are not included in pCon.planner itself. The application does only access the video codecs that are installed on your operating system.