Graphically-sophisticated actions lead to errors: When drawing a floor plan, only selected markings are visible. Walls disappear once created.


The cause of this is often inadequate graphics hardware. Please check if you have an integrated onboard solution (integrated graphics card) in use. This graphics solution is not recommended when working with pCon.planner. Generally speaking, these do not have their own graphics memory and their performance with 3D is usually below average.

This problem can also cause other issues to occur: Loading old DWGs or the Material Editor, for example, could cause the program to crash.


For optimal pCon.planner use, we recommended the use of dedicated 3D graphics hardware. These are cards that have a powerful processor (GPU) and extensive graphics memory. In addition to daily office use, which generally involves activity in the 2D area (e.g. image editing), they are also intended for use in the area of 3D.

Since pCon.planner is a 3D software, it requires appropriate resources on the hardware side. For this reason, the complete scope of performance can only be used with a dedicated graphics card.

For more information, please take a look at our System Requirements.

pCon.planner offers a compatibility mode to support onboard systems.

To activate this mode, proceed as follows:

  1. Close the application.
  2. Under All Programs in the Windows Start Menu, select Setup pCon.planner in the pCon Tools directory.
  3. Enable Software Rendering.

Please keep in mind that the following functions are not available in this mode:

  • Render styles Concept and Realistic,
  • Antialiasing for real-time display,
  • the virtual sky and
  • the export format for collages (EPX).

Software Rendering mode cannot guarantee the executability of pCon.planner 7 on all systems. This is influenced by the performance characteristics of the available hardware and the complexity of the created design.

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