You generate an Image or a Video. The media output dialog opens and you do not see your desired image. Instead, you see a single-colored area or a completely different picture.


When needed, pCon.planner provides the opportunity to add a company logo or other graphics to your images and videos. In the described situation, it is possible the function Show Logo is enabled. If the Size of the logo is still set at 100% (or bigger) and Transparent is disabled, the logo will be placed on top of your image.

Instead of the desired image, for example, you will see a white area.


In the Media Output window, you will find the button Logo. Click on Logo to open a new window with the logo settings. You now have three possibilities:

1. Disable Show Logo. This option is inactive when the green check mark is no longer visible.
2. If the size is at 100%, simply enter a lower number.
3. Check if the button Transparent is enabled. If it is not (the green check mark is missing), click to enable Transparent. 

Your image should now be visible.

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