2D elements such as drawing elements, images and texts are no longer visible when the view is changed, to Top or Right, for instance. They will, however, be displayed in other views.

The elements will also continue to be present in the views you are using, but they will only be displayed in a perspective or isometric view or for example in Front or Rear view. This is because they differ from three-dimensional objects in possessing no information on depth as they are two-dimensional. They will thus not always be shown in Top view or certain other 2D views.


  • Use multiple viewports simultaneously. Set one of your viewports to perspective projection. The object will be visible in this view so that you can select it. The selection will be shown in all viewports, so that you can locate your objects in your 2D views, as well.
  • Change to the View tab. Open the Render mode menu and enable the Show Outlines option. This option marks all texts, images and 2D drawing elements with visible outlines.
  • Change the Render mode. The problem does not arise for any 2D drawing elements in the Wire Frame, Hidden Line and Colored.
  • For images, the Properties Editor has an option called Hide Border. Please select the image (from a view in which it is still visible, for example a perspective view) and open the Properties Editor. If Hide Border is activated, please deactivate it.
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