Graphics hardware that goes back more than three years may limit your work with pCon.planner to some extent.

There are a number of ways in which you may be able to improve the performance of the design application. The Render Settings provide you with the opportunity to adapt the graphic representation, enabling it to make less demand on the hardware resources.

  1.  The Render Settings are to be found in the Render group on the View tab – klick the icon on the right along the lower edge. When the dialog opens, change over to the Quality tab. Set Textual Quality to Simple and the Shadow Quality to Normal. On the Edit tab in the Program Settings there are two items relating to synchronization: they are Synchronize centers in orthographic views and Synchronize fields of view in orthographic views. Both should be disabled if the graphic performance is weak.
  2. You should avoid opening pCon.planner more than once, as the hardware resources required would then have to be shared rather than simply being available to the one instance.
  3. When you are using your computer to operate pCon.planner, do not use any other 3D applications at the same time. They will make demands on the same hardware resources, and performance will be reduced for whichever you are trying to use.
  4. If you have fairly weak graphics hardware, it may be wise to work simply in one window without subdividing into a number of viewports.
  5. Reducing the size of the screen area used for the software on your monitor will mean the graphics are computed faster.
  6. There is an option Level of Detail in the Program Settings on the Miscellaneous tab which will enable you to influence the quality of solids in the design. Setting a higher Level of Detail will improve the rendering of these objects but may impact on the performance of the software as a whole. To prevent lowered performance it is thus advisable to set the Level of Detail lower.
  7. Always ensure you have up-to-date graphics drivers. These are usually to be found on the web pages of the particular graphics card manufacturer.

There may also be some loss of performance if the current design is very large and complex, in which case we recommend the same solutions as suggested above.

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