Template files are used to start new drawings with predefined content and settings.

Templates are saved in the DWT file format and can contain all aspects of a drawing that are saved directly with a drawing file. These include:

  • Drawing elements like floor plans, rooms or room elements
  • Predefined layout pages with viewports and stamps
  • Document properties

How do I create a template?

  1. Open a new drawing.
  2. Insert drawing elements, define document properties etc.
  3. File à Save as à Enter file name à File type: select Drawing Template (*.dwt).

How do I load a template?

  1. Open the File menu.
  2. Click on Templates.
  3. Select a template file from your file system.
  4. Confirm by clicking Open.
  5. Safe as DWG file under a new name and continue planning as usual.

Store templates in the program settings

You can store a DWT file as standard template. This is then automatically loaded each time pCon.planner is started and a new plan is created.

This way you can access your predefined settings and configurations for document properties, layout templates and more.

The template stored in the program settings is not used for the currently opened drawing. The template will also not be loaded when old drawings are opened.

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