The pCon.planner offers several options to reduce the memory requirements of a planning and thus to influence the file size.


Use the Purge option in the File menu regularly. This function removes background elements from your planning that are no longer needed. After using the function, save your planning and reload it.

Textures and materials

Textures and materials require a lot of storage space. Removing unused materials is not automatically enabled. From the File menu, navigate to Purge, and then choose Purge Settings. If you activate the Materials entry, all materials that are not assigned to any object in your planning will be deleted in the future.
Alternatively, you can delete them manually: Open the material editor via the toolbar and click the broom icon .

Note: Please note that cleaned up materials are irretrievably deleted and are no longer available in the material editor. If you would like to use unused materials from your planning in other contexts, it is essential that you export them before cleaning.

Level of detail

The level of detail can also have a significant impact on performance when working on a planning and on the size of the file. To set a lower level of detail, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Settings in the File menu.
  2. Switch to the Miscellaneous tab.
  3. Choose a low quality level for the Level of detail option.
  4. Then reload the planning.
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