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Does pCon.planner also work in the Mac systems and with Mac OS?

01.07.2022 | Hardware - Operating systems | 0 Comments |

At present we do not offer a version of pCon.planner for Mac OS. Windows virtualization (with Parallels, VMWare, Virtualbox etc.) will, however, provide a possible workaround.


What causes graphical presentation problems to occur?

16.06.2017 | Graphics drivers - Hardware | 0 Comments |
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The cause of this is often inadequate graphics hardware. Please check if you have an integrated onboard solution (integrated graphics card) in use. This graphics solution is not recommended when working with pCon.planner. Generally speaking, these do not have their own graphics memory and their performance with 3D is usually below average.

pCon.planner offers a compatibility mode to support onboard systems. To activate this mode, proceed as follows.


My graphics hardware matches the recommendations for pCon.planner but I am still getting rendering problems and crashes. What can I do to avoid this?

03.02.2015 | Hardware - Render issues | 0 Comments |
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If you have a hybrid system combining an onboard graphics card and a dedicated 3D graphics card (like those from NVIDIA or ATI), you should check whether pCon.planner is actually working with the 3D graphics card and you should assign the 3D graphics processor to the design program if necessary.


Can I optimize the performance of pCon.planner?

03.02.2015 | Graphics drivers - Hardware - Program settings | 0 Comments |
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There are a number of ways in which you may be able to improve the performance of the design application. The Render Settings provide you with the opportunity to adapt the graphic representation.