Videos can be generated in two ways: Either directly in pCon.planner as compressed video or by passing it on to EGR-BatchRendering, with subsequent compression and editing in an external video program. The external video calculation can comfortably run in the background while you continue working with pCon.planner.

For the external calculation as well as for the video processing in pCon.planner, a compression method can be selected that reduces the size of the corresponding video. However, pCon.planner itself does not provide codecs. The application accesses the video codecs installed in the system. We recommend the codec x264vfw, which can be downloaded free of charge via this link.
If you want to use compression methods that are not yet available on your system, you need to make sure that the codec you are installing was developed for Video for Windows (vfw). Only then the pCon.planner can access it and offer it in the selection list when saving the video.

Video processing in the pCon.planner
Note: Animations that have been calculated with EGR-BatchRendering cannot be converted to a video in pCon.planner.

  1. Calculate your animation using the Video button on the Presentation tab.
  2. After completion, click on the Save As button in the Media Output dialog.
  3. In the Save As dialog that opens, select Video Files (*.avi) under File Type and enter the desired file name.
  4. After clicking the Save button, the Select Video Compression dialog opens. Select the entry x264vfw – H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Codec.
  5. The Options button takes you to the advanced codec settings. Pay attention to the following settings: Zero Latency should be activated, and in the Rate control section one of the Single pass modes should be selected.
  6. Save these settings and click OK button to calculate your video.

External Video Processing
As an external video program with editing options and various codecs to compress the video size we recommend Avidemux, which can be downloaded free of charge here: Avidemux

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