When printing view ports in the Layout area and in Print Preview, the High Quality Printing option is enabled by default. A mixed process is used for printing: visible lines, edges, dots, hatching and fonts are based on vectors. With vector printing, these elements remain sharp, even when  greatly enlarged. Colors and textures are printed as images.

To disable High Quality Printing, remove the check mark from this option in the Properties Editor. The result will be pure image printing. The demand for memory and the file size of printed PDFs will then be lower, but at the expense of print quality.


If High Quality Printing is disabled, you can still positively influence the print quality by setting the Image Resolution to dpi in the advanced Layout Settings.

There you can choose between various preset values. The upper limit is 600 dpi. It is possible to manually set a higher dpi value, but this is not advisable. An extremely high Image Resolution uses too much memory and processes may no longer run smoothly.

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