Multi Content Pictures (images of the EIMG file type) created with pCon.planner can be used with our presentation service impress.


Multi Content Pictures are images enriched with information on price or manufacturer. These pieces of information are displayed after a click on an article, set article or user article in the image.

How to proceed

To use impress, you need a Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive user account which will be used as the storage back end for your presentation content. In impress, you enter the public file link to your respective media file.

  1. Calculate your Multi Content Picture in pCon.planner and save it locally.
  2. Upload the image to your cloud service and create a shared link.
  3. Enter the link on the impress webpage:
  4. You will now be able to view your MCP on impress, share it with other people or embed it on your websites.
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