The following requirements have to be met to be able to present Augmented Reality files (AR files) exported from pCon.planner on your mobile device:

  • Your mobile device must be AR capable.
  • The export for Android also needs an external AR viewer app.

EasternGraphics does not offer an AR viewer for Android devices. Please use an external AR app.

We have made good experience with the Android app “AR Viewer (Augmented Reality)”. Download:

Using AR files on Android devices

  1. Create your planning in pCon.planner.
  2. Create the export file (GLB file). Click AR on the Presentation tab. Select Export for Android from the drop-down menu.
  3. Transfer the GLB file to your mobile device. This can for example be done by using a cloud service (Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox).
  4. Open the app “AR Viewer (Augmented Reality)”.
  5. Scan your environment via Environment detection. By moving your mobile device, the surface on which the model is to be placed is recognized.
    Info: Camera permissions for the app may have to be granted.
  6. Tap the button with the + (plus) and select Import from the menu to select your GLB file. If you want to use a file from a cloud service, go to OneDrive or Dropbox to select the file.
  7. The button Place here will appear. As soon as the surface for placement is recognized, this button turns blue and becomes active.
  8. Click on the activated button Place here to load the model from the file.
  9. If the model is displayed too small, click the 1:1 button.


Our Normal Maps and UVs are handed over with the export.

We are currently planning an AR extension for our presentation service Impress. Once this is ready, you will no longer need an external AR app.

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