Program help

Group and Ungroup

The Group and Ungroup functions in the Objects group, Edit tab, enable the designer to group objects together or to resolve such a group into its elements.

To group or ungroup objects, follow these instructions:

1.Select either an object or a group of objects.

2.Click on the Group (Ungroup) item to group or separate the objects.

It is possible to mark any object within a group and to edit it to a certain extent without the need to detach it from its group. This is where to read how to mark an object within a group.

Editing Objects in Groups

You have this options for editing objects in groups:




Insert Objects and OFML articles in the group

Configure articles

Make standard copies and insert them both inside and outside of a group

Save selections (even via Drag&Drop in the Media Browser)


Note: Ungroup differes from Split up Articles (Articles tab, Edit Articles group).

In case of nested groups, Ungroup resolves the group at the highest level. Contained subgroups remain grouped. To ungroup them, they must be selected separately.

Split up Article can be applied to commercial articles. This command causes all articles combined in a complex article to be converted to individual articles.