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The Hatch tool allows you to assign hatching to a closed Drawing element or a complete Line. An alternative way to add a hatching to drawing elements is the Filling option within the Properties Editor. There is more on hatching for walls here.

Assinging a Hatch Type

1.Mark the objects which are to receive hatching.

2.Click on the Hatch tool in the Tools group, Edit tab. The objects will now possess a hatch.

Editing a Hatch Type


If an object has hatching on it, you can configure the hatch individually, using additional properties from the Properties editor.

The table at the end of this section shows the hatch properties you can modify.





Variety of hatch patterns

Hatch Scale (not visible while Show 3D)

Number of lines and the distance between them for line based hatches


Selection of predefined linetypes (e.g. broken)

Linetype Scale

Definition of the size and distances between the segments of the linetype  


Strength of the line

There is more on line types and thicknesses here.

A hatch is automatically associated with the drawing element which serves as its limiting frame. If you move the hatched object or change its shape, the hatch will adapt accordingly.


On the other hand, if you move the hatch or if you ungroup the object, the association between the hatch and the object will be lost. As a consequence, the hatch will no longer react to modifications of the limiting frame.