The Insert Unit indicates the unit of measure in which objects should be inserted. You can change this by clicking on the Application Menu, choosing Document Properties and switching to the Settings tab. Changes pertain to the current plan.

The correct Insert Unit is important if you are editing plans from other CAD programs.


You open a plan from another CAD system. The plan’s unit setting used in the previous programming is causing newly-inserted geometric objects in pCon.planner to appear too small or big in relation to the plan.


Scale the plan in pCon.planner to an appropriate scale. Alternatively, you can adjust the Insert Unit under the Settings tab in Document Properties so that newly-inserted objects fit to your plan. Once you have done this, please save the plan and reopen it.

Changing the Insert Unit during planning

Changes to the Insert Unit made while planning will only influence the unit of measure for the already planned elements. A correct conversion will not be achieved – four meters, for example, will be changed to four feet. If you draw a new wall, it will not match the scale of previously-inserted walls.


  1. Save the plan and close pCon.planner.
  2. Create a new plan by clicking New in the Application Menu.
  3. In the new plan, open the Application Menu once again. Click on Document Properties and switch to the Settings tab. Change the Insert Unit of the plan.
  4. Click on Import in the Application Menu.
  5. Import the previously-saved plan.

During the import process, the measurements will be converted correctly. You can then continue to plan with your new Insert Unit.

Would you also like to change the dimension units? Read how to do so here.


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