The user interface of pCon.planner can be displayed in different languages. The settings for the language of the commercial data are to be distinguished from the application language. These affect the data and, in some cases, offer forms that you use in pCon.planner.

Application and data language can differ from each other. They are set independently from each other:

Set new application language

  1. Set application language under File > Settings > General tab > User Interface > Language.
  2. Confirm by clicking OK.
  3. Restart pCon.planner to have the user interface displayed in the new language.

Set new data language

  1. Open Products catalog.
  2. Click the cogwheel icon to open the Catalog Settings.
  3. Open the Miscellaneous tab in the Catalog Settings.
  4. Set languages and confirm by clicking OK.

Note: Catalog Languages and Article Languages can be set separately.

The catalog language affects the display of all texts in the OFML product catalog. The Article Language affects all texts for OFML articles (properties, product information and relevant product data in the article list or forms). The setting option Standard is primarily based on the selected application language.

Note: A second language can be defined via the Secondary language selection. The pCon.planner uses this language if the primary language is not available in the catalog data.

More details this can be found here:

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