The program settings (Settings) for the program will remain persistent. They will be retained even after closing out of and reopening pCon.planner. They also have an effect when you create a new plan or open an existing one.

The Document Properties refer to the currently loaded plan. They are saved together with the plan and are then available the next time it is opened. You can also set different Document Properties for other plans simultaneously.


VAT is available under both Program Settings and Document Properties (under the Calculation tab).

  • VAT under the Program Settings will apply to all future plans. The default setting is 19%.
  • If you change the tax rate to 19.6% within the Document Properties dialog, pCon.planner will apply this to all current plans. When you open the next plan, the tax rate will once again be the default 19%.


You can read comprehensive background information on Settings and Document Properties in the respective help chapters.

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