You inserted a floor plan as an image and it appears blurred or pixelated.


pCon.planner will display images and textures up to a maximum resolution of 2048×2048 pixels in good quality. If you insert an image larger than this, the program will undercalculate the resolution and the image may no longer appear clear. The display depends on the content of the image. Fine lines, for example, are more affected than colored areas. Floor plans, in particular, should therefore be imported in a suitable resolution. This restriction works to keep the size of the plan low, saving both internal and graphics memory.


To ensure high-quality images and textures, follow the below instructions:

  • Select images with a maximum size of 2048×2048 pixels.
  • Scan floor plans in an appropriate resolution (i.e. 150 dpi)
  • Before you insert larger images into pCon.planner, edit them in a suitable image editing program. Change the height and width so that they fit to our suggested limits.
  • If you use high-resolution images as textures, set the Texture Quality to Extra High. To find the Texture Quality, go to the ribbon, switch to the View tab and open the Render Settings (click on the circled arrow). In the Render Settings dialog, switch to the Quality tab. A Texture Quality with a high setting means, however, that pCon.planner will use more graphics card memory.

Note: pCon.planner only reduces the image resolution for the display. This does not have an affect on the quality of photorealistic renderings, exports or printouts/PDFs.

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