There are several alternatives to relocate the User Coordinate System (UCS) if you want to use it as a means to move objects in relation to a given position in the plan:

  1. Context menu entry Move UCS: Sets UCS to a place you desire after beginning the Move operation. Allows you to align your object with an individual point in the plan. Read more here.
  2. Moving UCS through use of space key: Start Move tool, point mouse to desired place and use space key. Reference point will move to that exact place. Read more.
  3. Context menu entry Set UCS to WCS origin: UCS is reset to the WCS origin during the Move operation. Read more on UCS and WCS here.
  4. Context menu entry Set UCS to tool suggestion: During the Move operation, UCS is moved to the point in your plan where you clicked with your mouse to grab the object to be moved.
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