After you have opened a planning or selected another projection during the planning process, parts of your drawing are no longer visible.


There are two possible reasons for this issue:

  1. Whenever you start pCon.planner, you are at first working with the World Coordinate System (WCS). It marks the point of origin for your planning. Neither origin nor orientation is susceptible of alteration. It is possible that you start your planning process far away from the WCS point of origin, either by using the User Coordinate System (UCS) or by starting the drawing process while in perspective view. Read more on WCS and UCS here.
  2. In pCon.planner, two- and three-dimensional objects are filed on different layers. If elements of your planning are invisible within your working area, this can be due to your layer settings.


  1. Please try CTRL+SPACE to display all objects contained in the planning in all work areas. This way you will detect dislocated fragments and will be able to select and move or delete them. In case you have previously worked with the USC, please reset the WCS. To do so, please use the C key. Alternatively, right-click the workspace and select Set WCS Origin from the context menu. After this, select all objects in your planning and move them to the WCS origin.
  2. Please open the Layer dialog to check whether all layers in your planning are active and visible. If a layer is marked with the inactive symbol (a crossed out eye) it is invisible in your work area. Klick the symbol to mark the layer as visible. Read more on layer management here.
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